Unnaturally Beautiful

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This dress is very pretty and sort of on trend, thanks to the knife pleats.  I could see Betty Draper in this dress — the Betty Draper that was married to Don and subsisted on red wine and cigarettes.  Not the depressing Betty that’s married to the anal retent Henry Francis.  But I digress. 

Back to the dress.  It is lovely, but it highlights an issue with vintage clothing: acetate rayon.  Lots of it.  This dress looks great for summer, but some serious sweating will go down on a hot, soupy day like today.  This is not your picnic dress.  This is your over-air-conditioned-office dress.  No standing near open flames, either.  So stay in your office and move slowly and everything will be fine.

I was going to include a picture of Betty, but wouldn’t we all rather look at Don?