Knife Pleats

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Isn’t it interesting how trends recycle?  Take this dress from the 50s.  It has these great knife pleats, which were on trend again for Spring this year.

The neckline and buttons on the dress make a necklace impossible, at least as far as I can see.  Instead, I’m wearing an awesome bangle from StyledLife, an ancient jeans belt from Ann Taylor (a place I don’t think I have set foot in in over 10 years), and my favorite Marni sandals, which I bought in NYC years ago during a weekend break for a trial in Connecticut.  I love a sturdy high heel.

A word about the location for today’s and yesterday’s photos.  As the photographer for both pics remarked today, “There’s a lot going on.”  And she wasn’t talking about the dress.  All I can say is never trust a lawyer with a clean office.  And a nod to an awesome French guy (is there any other kind of French guy?), Eric Ripert, who graces my PC in the background.

Summer Means Dresses

Actually, dresses are fantastic year-round.  No other single article of clothing has the potential to deliver that punch that says “outfit.”  The right accessories (belt, necklace, shoes) make a complete look.  Simple.  In the summertime, the dress becomes even more vital.  It is my go-to outfit for work.  (And the breeze blows up under the skirt.  Instant A/C.  A few months ago on a particularly balmy spring day, I saw a pre-op transgender guy sporting a short sundress.  Dude was cool and comfortable.  Just like me, but with better legs.) 

Today, I am rocking a late 50s-early 60s black, shirtwaist (albeit sleeveless) dress with a blocked top and full skirt, paired with a skinny, red leather belt (also vintage) and last year’s raffia platform sandals by Stuart Weitzman. I have prevailed on my partner down the hall (Partner J) to take the attached picture.  Partner J doesn’t really know squat about fashion (actually, the “really” should be eliminated; he knows nothing), but this gives him a chance to feel important, a feeling mostly unknown to junior partners at Lawyer Land, Inc.  Plus, hey, somebody’s got to take the pictures.

As for those spectacular vintage dresses that, in Thursday’s inaugural post,  I said I would be rocking over the weekend, I DID rock them.  The best was Saturday night: a 1970s maxi gown, black on top, waist-down a kaleidoscope of purple, red, orange, green.  Pretty spectacular, but positively killer when paired with a 1980s (!) fushia belt with oversized, geometric silver buckle.  (In fact, one geometric point gouged my waistline all night.  Well worth it.)  A genius mixing of the decades, if I say so myself.  A pic would be awesome, right?  But, drinks and food were front of mind (the only items that compete with clothes for the number 1 position in my brain), and the outfit is now just a lovely memory.  Not to worry; plenty more where that came from.  Stay tuned…