Wrap it up and Charge it, that’s my Favorite Phrase

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Some serious shopping went down this morning.  If you haven’t yet tried it, I commend you to the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom.  It happens every year at this time.  Natch. 

I can’t get excited about most department store sales.  Either the discount is negligible, or I’m already over the season, even at 70% off.  This one is different.  It’s Fall things at a pretty deep cut.  Plus, basic stuff everyone needs like tights, lingerie, and t-shirts. And a lot of boots and shoes.  What’s not to like?  Then, if you give Nordstrom enough of your money during the rest of the year, they let you shop before the sale officially begins (on the 20th, this year) and spend even more of your money.  And so it goes.

It is What it is

It is What it is

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I’m not really moved by this dress, and I’m guessing you aren’t, either.  There’s not much to say about it: it’s navy blue, and it came from Nordstrom.  It’s so basic, I don’t remember who made it, and I can’t be bothered to check the tag.  That said, there is still a place for this kind of dress in my closet.  It is the perfect foil for accessories that pop, like my orange and gold pig’s trotter sandals by VC Signature by Vince Camuto that you have seen here before and this awesome Anya Hindmarch shoulder bag from several years ago.  Even though the bag is not new, it is right on the color block trend.  Finished with a new favorite wide belt from Lula Vintage Wear, the blank canvas dress is complete.

Anonymous Fabulosity

Who am I?

It’s a good thing none of the Big Partners at Lawyers, Inc., read this blog because I am about to make a shocking confession.  (Not only do they not read it, they don’t know who I am, which was proven again yesterday when one such BP kept asking me questions that made no sense.  Mystery solved: he thought I was another lawyer at Inc., who, by the way, looks nothing like me. )

Back to the confession: sometimes I’m not excited to come into the office.  I need motivation beyond the pure joy of billing time.  Today, I found that motivation in my closet.  The genius of this vintage dress is that, depending on how you style it, it can be worn day or night.  It is semi-sheer, so it is perfect for a steamy day like today.  The right undergarments are a must, so let me take this opportunity to turn you on the world’s greatest half-slip by Commando.  http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/commando-half-slip/3060152?origin=keywordsearch&fashionColor=True+Nude&resultback=1314  The name alone is reason enough to buy it, but it is also brilliant under sheer or close-fitting clothing.

I have also rocked this dress for a dinner party, with a black full-slip and black patent belt and pumps.  Plus some bling, the antidote to anonymity.

The New LBD: the Little Blue Dress

Let’s face it.  No one has described anything worn by me as “little” since, well, never.  But, the idea of the LBD still works for this navy blue Tory Burch dress.  It’s a basic dress that can change a lot depending on the accessories, and it can be worn in any number of situations.  And, if you had to, you could throw it on plain vanilla style and run out the door.  Here, I’ve paired it with a smashing vintage belt (in orange, what a surprise), which I would guess is from the 80s.  I’m wearing it with a jean jacket today since it is cool and rainy, but I took the jacket off in one of the pics so you can get the full effect of the dress. 

The LBD is from several years ago, but Tory Burch currently has lots of great dresses, including a new LBD.


My necklace is from StyledLife.  I can’t remember the designer, but StyledLife has so many great necklaces (including pristine vintage) to pick from.  They also have a pretty cool promotion going on now, so you’ll get a discount.  


Shoes by Chie Mihara, again from a number of years ago.  Check out the current selection on ShopStyle.