Own It

Paisley and pig’s trotters.

Red fish tail. Pow.

This skirt might be a bit much for Lawyer Land, Inc., but I refuse to notice those sidewise glances from the big partners who are asking themselves who is this secretary and what in god’s name is she wearing?  After last Friday night, I have a firm no-choke policy.  I’d rather crash and burn wearing something with potential for greatness than bore myself in something safe.  This Etro skirt (bought on e-bay) does NOT bore me.  Then the problem becomes what in the world does one wear with a green and purple paisley skirt with a red, side fishtail?  I guess the answer is a white jacket and brown and orange pig’s trotter sandals, so named because the ankle strap cuts off the leg, making the feet look like, well, pig’s feet.  You just have to know how to work it.