Blouse and Skirt

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Remember the movie Body Heat where it’s so bloody hot that the characters are covered in a sweat sheen in every scene?  The Twin Cities have been doing their own version of the body heat sheen all week.  Turns out that we are a lot less sexy sweaty than Kathleen Turner and William Hurt circa 1981.  It’s difficult to point fingers though because the only outfit that really works in this steam box is an ocean wave layered over one’s altogether.

So, all we can do is try to muddle through.  Kathleen Turner (Matty) did more than that (and mastered the Rule against Perpetuities to boot).  She wore a deceptively sexy blouse and skirt that burned a hole in poor William Hurt’s (Ned) brain.  Any time you have a conversation like this with a guy, you know you’ve got him:

Ned: Maybe you shouldn’t dress like that.
Matty: This is a blouse and a skirt.* I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Ned: You shouldn’t wear that body.
* Fun fact: Jamaicans use the phrase “blouse and skirt” to indicate surprise, as in “Blouse and skirt, you look less sweaty than I expected!”
I did not choose a blouse and skirt today, because I think a dress is better when it is brutally hot.  I went with this ancient, linen JCrew dress and paired it with a very cool 70s belt from Lula Vintage Wear

Casual Friday Gone Bad and Done Right

Fit and flare on Friday.

It’s Friday.  Downtown Minneapolis struggles with casual Friday, and when it’s warm, bad decisions are made.  Take this morning, for example.  On my four block walk from the car to Lawyer Land, Inc., I saw some troubling looks: shorts (fine, but please be of firm leg flesh — you know in your heart if you are), jeans (really? — you’re going to gush sweat later), and one poor soul in black tights and boots.  But, by far, the prevailing summer look (and one that looks truly good on so few) is the capri pant.  Lord god, women, look in the mirror!  In what world is a pant that cuts off at the most stumpy part of your calf flattering?  Not this world.  I beg you to consider the ankle pant.  Or a dress.  Take the dress I’m wearing today.  Another dress from the 50s: a basic fit and flare cotton dress in a pretty print.  “Flare” as in there is a delicious breeze under the skirt.  “Fit” as in note the interesting one-button side closure at the waist.  Paired with an old cloth belt from another dress, and I’m sporting the raffia Weitzmans again.    Photos courtesy of Partner J. That’s his shirt hanging in the background, dirty and stinky no doubt from some manly lunchtime run.