The Parable of the Mustard Dress

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On the short list of ways I like yellow mustard (spread on my annual footlog hot dog at the Minnesota State Fair and for dipping French fries), I now add this spectacular, mod ’60s dress.  In fact, it’s Number 1 on the list.  Note the chevron stripe-like stitching on the bodice and the cool stand-up collar, which reminds me not a little of the collar on the winning dress from Project Runway earlier this season.  And, by way of a universal truth, which every parable must illustrate, mustard (as a color, not as a dipping sauce) is tres a la mode for fall.  If you have any doubt, check out the raft of mustard-colored dresses for the picking on Polyvore.  Plus, it’s very Megan Draper, which calls for another picture of Don.

Back to the Future

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For those of you that think nothing good came out of the 80s, take a look at this fantastic Diane Von Furstenberg dress from that decade.  I picked up this number just last Friday from Lula Vintage Wear to help combat my end of the season wardrobe malaise.  This dress couldn’t be easier to wear — pull it over your head and tie the belt.  Done.  It’s also a great foil for colorful accessories, like this necklace from StyledLife.  And, while the good fashion karma from this dress doesn’t completely off-set the horrific karma from the perm mullett I rocked in the 80s, it is a gigantic step in the right direction.

Better Than Your Average Mouseburger

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Say what you want about Cosmopolitan (I think it’s basically dreck), Helen Gurley Brown had style.  Not everyone has the balls to rock fishnets and miniskirts into her 80s.  (Balls or not, that look is a No for me at any age.)  And she said at least one thing I agree with completely: “What you have to do is work with the raw material you have, namely you, and never let up.”  I am going to remember this as we slog through the last weeks of I-am-so-over-it summer clothes.  And, when I let up, I will thank you not to mention it.

Today, I have not 100% let up. Even though I phoned it in on this favorite dress, I am rocking it with different bling.  I am a huge fan of this particular bling because it achieves that elusive thing: a blend of vintage and comtemporary that works.  Here, the vintage piece is the shorter number with the spectacular, beaded tassel.  I scored that one at Lula Vintage Wear.  The contemporary piece is the longer string of raw emeralds from StyledLife.  No mouseburger today for me.

And, yes, that is Joe Biden on my PC behind me — shirtless and waxing his Trans Am.  I find it easier to practice law this way.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Seems like the end of the season malaise is starting early this year. I already can no longer get excited about my summer clothes, and I am day dreaming of tweed pencil skirts, cashmere sweaters, and tall boots. The other day, I even said the F word. F as in fur. This is a family blog, people.
But, it is still as hot as Hades, and I have to wear something. Today it is my modern Mary Tyler Moore dress with some “new,” vintage necklaces from Lula Vintage Wear.

Grime Free Zone

Old business first: for those of you worried that I am still struggling with the sticky zipper on Tuesday’s dress, rest easy.  As it turned out, the dress came off as easily as a prom dress, and there was no walk of shame yesterday.  What there was yesterday was a whole lot of cranking out of a motion-to-motion-a-motion-for-a-motion. Who wouldn’t find such work fulfilling?  In my zealous advocacy for the client, I neglected to capture yesterday’s ensemble.  Or was it my Tourette’s-like cursing that got in the way?  Either way, whatever I was wearing was covered in grimy, lawyer grot by day’s end. Good riddance.

Freshly cleaned, today I offer again for your consideration this pretty, pink dress, now with different accessories. Me still likey. Vintage belt (and dress) from Lula Vintage Wear and necklace from StyledLife.

Labor of Love

Definitely not Zipless.

Definitely not Zipless.

Yes, I love vintage dresses, like this old favorite that you’ve seen before.  But, actually wearing vintage (not just admiring it) comes with some work.  Today’s dress had to have the hem tacked up before it could be worn, and it apparently needs a new zipper.  There is some serious sticking going on with it, and it remains to be seen if I will be able to get out of this thing tonight when I get home.  Watch this space tomorrow to see if I have to feature this dress again.  A repeat will be unfortunate for me, though.  Who wants to do the walk of shame without having had any … er … shame the night before?  In fact, I rather prefer calling it the Stride of Pride.

Ok, back to vintage dresses.  I have another zipper replacement in the works on a dress you haven’t yet seen.  I had the straps shortened on the dress I wore Saturday night; they’re still too long.  I had the buttons moved on my Lufthansa stewardess outfit.  Twice.  And I noticed yesterday (after I had it on) that this lovely number is tearing on the seam at the waist.  I wore it anyway because multiple wardrobe changes are reserved for cooler days.  The  beloved closet is not air conditioned.

Red Eye to Tel Aviv, Anyone?

Everyone, meet my new favorite dress. My friend K would say that the girl in this dress is up for anything. She’s right. The thing has dress super powers, and, keep in mind, it’s at least 50 years old. (Made in the USA, according to the label.). All I can say is I should feel this good in everything I wear. It might technically be a day dress, but it felt great last night in the heat. Dress from Lula Vintage Wear. Inner glow from dress.

Wrap it up and Charge it, that’s my Favorite Phrase

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Some serious shopping went down this morning.  If you haven’t yet tried it, I commend you to the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom.  It happens every year at this time.  Natch. 

I can’t get excited about most department store sales.  Either the discount is negligible, or I’m already over the season, even at 70% off.  This one is different.  It’s Fall things at a pretty deep cut.  Plus, basic stuff everyone needs like tights, lingerie, and t-shirts. And a lot of boots and shoes.  What’s not to like?  Then, if you give Nordstrom enough of your money during the rest of the year, they let you shop before the sale officially begins (on the 20th, this year) and spend even more of your money.  And so it goes.

Threat Level Green

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The ladies back in the day had the right idea: when it’s hot, wear something sheer.  Take this dress from the 1960s, for example.  It’s your basic shirtwaist, but you can damn near see through it, making it the perfect outfit for your next TSA body scan.  Check out my morning super-venti coffee cup clearly visible through the fabric.  That’s just for demonstrative purposes; don’t worry, I am not wearing my coffee under my dress.  (And I would never, ever try to get anything venti past the TSA crackerjacks.) What I am wearing under the dress is a full, white slip also from the 60s.  It makes a nice, clean look for day.  You could really change the vibe of the dress by wearing a colored slip that would show through.  Wouldn’t a forest green slip, assuming one has ever been made, be kind of spectacular?  The dress needs a belt, and I went with one of my favorites that you have now seen a few times.  Head to toe vintage (actually, head to ankle, since the shoes are cheapish thongs from MICHAEL Michael Kors).  Vintage from (where else?) Lula Vintage Wear.

Roman Holiday

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This dress falls right into my sweet spot: a 1950s shirtwaist with a flared skirt.  The flared skirt allows a ladylike pose on scooter handle bars, my preferred mode of transportation, especially when the scooter is manned by a young Gregory Peck.  It has nice details, too, like an on-seam pocket in the skirt and a nubby texture to the navy blue fabric.  The necklace is pretty spectacular in its own right.  I am wearing it in honor of my friend H, who I know exerted great self-restraint in not keeping it for herself.  The whole ensemble is from Lula Vintage Wear, save the belt from Nordstrom.