Right now I am obsessing about two women and their clothes.  They couldn’t be more different from one another, starting with the not unimportant distinction that one is real and the other pure fiction.   Today: the real one.  Ooh, teaser!  The fictional one awaits another day.

So, here it is: Michelle Obama.  Number 1, let’s get the new bangs out of the way.  At first, they seemed a little drag-queenie (they give new meaning to “heavy bangs”), but it didn’t take long before I was thinking: Bangs: perfect accessory to red Jason Wu.  Plus, with the amazing things she wore yesterday for the Inauguration, all focus — for me anyway — was below the neck.  I mean, check out the fantastic Thom Browne coat!  (The Reed Krakoff boots do not suck, either.)  Frankly, it’s the first Thom Browne women’s wear I’ve seen and, as far as I’m concerned, he should immediately abandon his prissy, shrunken men’s wear and focus on making dresses like this!

Before I go, let’s give equal time to the Inaugural dudes.  Not Barack or Lunch-Bucket-Joe, but a guy with real money: Jay-Z killed it in his Tom Ford suit!  Please, men of the world, dress like this.  And, while I wear fur every freaking chance it get, do not, I repeat, do not rock this look.