A Body at Rest

Embraces inertia.

Even at work, this coat makes me happy.

Not that Newton’s theory of motion has been in dispute, but I certainly have re-proved it.  That I haven’t been able to roust myself to post my outfits in over a month doesn’t mean they weren’t cute outfits.  (They were cute, all right.)  And it definitely wasn’t that I was too busy with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  (I eschew both hustle and bustle.)  No, the issue is lack of wit and pith.  Hey, you try being funny about your dress a few times a week, and see how easy it is.  Anyway, I’m breaking my inertia today; hell be damned if this post isn’t funny or meaningful.  So, here I am in an awesome vintage (I think from the 60s) dress with those suede boots I’m so fond of.  And an AMAZING vintage sherling coat with mink collar and cuffs.  Swoon.  Everything from Lula, including the necklace and belt.

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