Ladies Love Cool Fishnets

Dwarfing the lilliputian office furniture. 

No apparent tummy control in fishnets.

You may not notice it, but I am wearing some pretty awesome fishnet hose today.  Don’t you wish your lawyer wore fishnets?  Ok, maybe not, especially if he is a dude.  But, there is no disputing they look pretty good with this fantastic 60s shift dress (from Lula — looks Burberry-esque, but it’s not) and AGL boots.  I had planned to include a close-up of my legs in the fishnets, but that gave pause to even me.  So, no.  You’ll have to take my word for it.

Good Guys Finish First.

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It’s 1976 up in here today.  That was a good year.  The bicentennial and all that.  And, freaking Charlie’s Angels fighting crime in their pant suits and heels!  Be honest, can’t you see Farrah or Jaclyn rocking this bad ass, red leather vintage trench?  Underneath the killer coat, perhaps this v-neck, also from the 70s.  Actually, it would be Kate that would wear the sweater since she was the sporty one.  Either way, I am feeling it.  I might sleep in this coat tonight, I love it so.  Coat and v-neck from Lula Vintage Wear.

How You Like Me Again?


Is there less zeal for vintage when you wore it the first go-around?  Stated differently, when you are old enough to remember the many lambswool sweaters you wore in the 80s, can you still find joy in wearing this lambswool sweater from the 80s?  Answer: resounding yes.  And, unlike the 80s, I did not style this lambswool number with multiple strands of fake pearls in a sort of homage to Madonna.  (It must have been my churchy upbringing that caused me to substitute pearls for crucifixes.  The same reason I never touched my Ouija board post-Exorcist.)  That can only be a good thing.  Of course, in the 80s, I was not rocking awesome suede boots by Stuart Weitzman, either.  Boom!, as my fashion friend, Erin, would say.