The Parable of the Mustard Dress

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On the short list of ways I like yellow mustard (spread on my annual footlog hot dog at the Minnesota State Fair and for dipping French fries), I now add this spectacular, mod ’60s dress.  In fact, it’s Number 1 on the list.  Note the chevron stripe-like stitching on the bodice and the cool stand-up collar, which reminds me not a little of the collar on the winning dress from Project Runway earlier this season.  And, by way of a universal truth, which every parable must illustrate, mustard (as a color, not as a dipping sauce) is tres a la mode for fall.  If you have any doubt, check out the raft of mustard-colored dresses for the picking on Polyvore.  Plus, it’s very Megan Draper, which calls for another picture of Don.


Back to the Future

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For those of you that think nothing good came out of the 80s, take a look at this fantastic Diane Von Furstenberg dress from that decade.  I picked up this number just last Friday from Lula Vintage Wear to help combat my end of the season wardrobe malaise.  This dress couldn’t be easier to wear — pull it over your head and tie the belt.  Done.  It’s also a great foil for colorful accessories, like this necklace from StyledLife.  And, while the good fashion karma from this dress doesn’t completely off-set the horrific karma from the perm mullett I rocked in the 80s, it is a gigantic step in the right direction.