Better Than Your Average Mouseburger

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Say what you want about Cosmopolitan (I think it’s basically dreck), Helen Gurley Brown had style.  Not everyone has the balls to rock fishnets and miniskirts into her 80s.  (Balls or not, that look is a No for me at any age.)  And she said at least one thing I agree with completely: “What you have to do is work with the raw material you have, namely you, and never let up.”  I am going to remember this as we slog through the last weeks of I-am-so-over-it summer clothes.  And, when I let up, I will thank you not to mention it.

Today, I have not 100% let up. Even though I phoned it in on this favorite dress, I am rocking it with different bling.  I am a huge fan of this particular bling because it achieves that elusive thing: a blend of vintage and comtemporary that works.  Here, the vintage piece is the shorter number with the spectacular, beaded tassel.  I scored that one at Lula Vintage Wear.  The contemporary piece is the longer string of raw emeralds from StyledLife.  No mouseburger today for me.

And, yes, that is Joe Biden on my PC behind me — shirtless and waxing his Trans Am.  I find it easier to practice law this way.

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