Grime Free Zone

Old business first: for those of you worried that I am still struggling with the sticky zipper on Tuesday’s dress, rest easy.  As it turned out, the dress came off as easily as a prom dress, and there was no walk of shame yesterday.  What there was yesterday was a whole lot of cranking out of a motion-to-motion-a-motion-for-a-motion. Who wouldn’t find such work fulfilling?  In my zealous advocacy for the client, I neglected to capture yesterday’s ensemble.  Or was it my Tourette’s-like cursing that got in the way?  Either way, whatever I was wearing was covered in grimy, lawyer grot by day’s end. Good riddance.

Freshly cleaned, today I offer again for your consideration this pretty, pink dress, now with different accessories. Me still likey. Vintage belt (and dress) from Lula Vintage Wear and necklace from StyledLife.

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