Labor of Love

Definitely not Zipless.

Definitely not Zipless.

Yes, I love vintage dresses, like this old favorite that you’ve seen before.  But, actually wearing vintage (not just admiring it) comes with some work.  Today’s dress had to have the hem tacked up before it could be worn, and it apparently needs a new zipper.  There is some serious sticking going on with it, and it remains to be seen if I will be able to get out of this thing tonight when I get home.  Watch this space tomorrow to see if I have to feature this dress again.  A repeat will be unfortunate for me, though.  Who wants to do the walk of shame without having had any … er … shame the night before?  In fact, I rather prefer calling it the Stride of Pride.

Ok, back to vintage dresses.  I have another zipper replacement in the works on a dress you haven’t yet seen.  I had the straps shortened on the dress I wore Saturday night; they’re still too long.  I had the buttons moved on my Lufthansa stewardess outfit.  Twice.  And I noticed yesterday (after I had it on) that this lovely number is tearing on the seam at the waist.  I wore it anyway because multiple wardrobe changes are reserved for cooler days.  The  beloved closet is not air conditioned.

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