Threat Level Green

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The ladies back in the day had the right idea: when it’s hot, wear something sheer.  Take this dress from the 1960s, for example.  It’s your basic shirtwaist, but you can damn near see through it, making it the perfect outfit for your next TSA body scan.  Check out my morning super-venti coffee cup clearly visible through the fabric.  That’s just for demonstrative purposes; don’t worry, I am not wearing my coffee under my dress.  (And I would never, ever try to get anything venti past the TSA crackerjacks.) What I am wearing under the dress is a full, white slip also from the 60s.  It makes a nice, clean look for day.  You could really change the vibe of the dress by wearing a colored slip that would show through.  Wouldn’t a forest green slip, assuming one has ever been made, be kind of spectacular?  The dress needs a belt, and I went with one of my favorites that you have now seen a few times.  Head to toe vintage (actually, head to ankle, since the shoes are cheapish thongs from MICHAEL Michael Kors).  Vintage from (where else?) Lula Vintage Wear.

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