Mean Girl

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Do you have this person in your life?  You know the one: she makes cracks about your outfit under the guise of a compliment.  For example, yesterday my frequent offender looked at my dress and announced that I looked “very cool in this area” while waving her hands all about her decolletage.  Translation: your neckline is too low.  This from the person who each Christmas season puts her holiday jumpers into heavy rotation.  Maybe she wants to see me in a nice Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer turtleneck. 

Speaking of Christmas, last winter a different offender and I were riding the elevator down after work.  She looked at whatever vintage fur coat I was wearing that day and sniffed, “you look warm.”  Translation: in the suburbs, we would never wear such crap.

So, here’s what I want from you, people: a withering retort to Holiday Jumper and her ilk.  Or, just commiserate with one of your own stories.

As for today’s outfit, you’ve seen this red skirt before.  Today it is paired with an open-weave sweater from BCBG that I think I got at Bloomingdale’s a hundred years ago.  It lets the breeze in on what is promised to be our final day in this brutal hot streak.  Add this interesting necklace from stella & dot, and we have a slightly better than basic Friday look.

4 thoughts on “Mean Girl

  1. I get a lot of “you’re so trendy, I could never pull that off” translating to “that probably is a bit much for the office.” Since I work in funeral world, pretty much anything is too much for the office. Love the outfit today.

  2. I get a lot of “your chaps look so rugged” translating to “no pants may be a bit aggressive for the office.”

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