To Short or Not to Short?

In the last four days, I have had the same conversation with three different friends, which tells me that this burning question is on everyone’s mind: under what circumstances, if any, is it acceptable to wear shorts?  Now, I am talking about wearing shorts out in public amongst the masses.  If you are toiling in your back yard in your old, ratty shorts, I don’t care.  Also, shorts worn while working out get a free pass here.  Same goes for shorts at the beach.  Setting these carve outs aside, the question becomes should they ever be worn?

My friend JP says she was once told no self-respecting woman should be seen in shorts.  And, another friend, TH, says they are for working out only.  The contrarian, KN, says her 65 year-old mother kills it in shorts all summer long.  More power to mom.  As for me, I say no.  Except when I say yes.  If you are in my neighborhood, you might see me in shorts walking the hounds, and the other day, I wore shorts to take those darlings to the vet.  I am not proud of this, but I did it, and I have to own it.  (Can you tell that I was always the kid who confessed before she got caught?  And I am not even Catholic.)

Maybe I want to wear shorts because they epitomize the easy, beach living that I once had and would kill for again.  Look at me in these pics from my youth in Jamaica.  Sure beats Lawyers, Inc.  Maybe it’s just because they are so dang easy to throw on.  (They also do not blow up over your head on a windy day, as yesterday’s water color dress did in full view of everyone.)  Either way, I know they’re not right for me anymore.

I’m not the only one thinking about shorts.  Check out the dude in his short suit, captured by Bill Cunningham for the NYTimes.  I don’t like it, and I don’t want to see it here, but wouldn’t it be amazing to see a man dressed in something other than Dockers?

So, taking a page from TMZ, I have to ask:

2 thoughts on “To Short or Not to Short?

  1. To be honest i really like shorts and the subject of this post really dragged me in as i saw the picture and the title and i thought i didn;t really go together – i have seen many people wearing shorts much MUCH shorter than that – i believe it’s a matter of what one thinks and has been taught. With all due respect to your friend JP but don;t you think it’s a little bit farfetched and unfair to say that, especially in this day and age (of course depending on where you are based). Anyway this post is extremely interesting 🙂

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