Got Corn?

Garden party belt.

99% of all Cornhuskers approve of this dress.

I don’t think there are adequate words in the English language to convey my love for this girly dress.  No one has ever accused me of being afraid of color, and this dress makes the point.  It certainly stuck out in a sea of navy and black at the Lawyers, Inc., partner meeting this morning.  No, I was not ejected.  Someone had to pour the coffee.

I also love it when there is a story that goes with the outfit.  That’s probably obvious by now.  I scored this dress in an awesome vintage store in (wait for it) … Lincoln, Nebraska, while we were there for a two week arbitration in March.  I had noticed the store, Ruby Begonias, during one of my 300+ trips to the Starbucks by our hotel.  (To call its storefront unimposing is to be the master of understatement, as the picture at shows.  Do not be fooled.  The basement of that place is chock-a-block with great clothes.)  Since there is almost no personal time during trial, I was thrilled when one day we wrapped up a bit early.  I dashed to Ruby Begonias, and, in the 20 minutes before it closed, I found, tried on, and bought this dress (1960s “watercolor dress,” per the tag) AND a spectacular 1950ish party dress, complete with crinoline!

Today I am wearing the watercolor dress with a taupe, patent leather belt from JCrew and a fresh vintage flower pin from my favorite Twin Cities vintage spot.  I feel like the JCrew belt anchors the dress and makes it less garden party-like.  There is a very cool self belt; so cool that I schlepped it in today so you could see it.  It will come in handy at my next garden party.

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