Subversive Pants

How you like me now?

For the first time since this blog began, I am wearing pants.  Not just any pants — kelly green pants!  (You can see them hanging in my closet above, although there they look like they look like knee shorts.)  Even though bright pants are tres chic for Spring/Summer, they still sort of feel like the sartorial equivalent of the middle finger.  In other words, they feel awesome!

The trickier part is what to wear with kelly green pants.  Whatever you pair with them has to take a back seat to their in-your-face greenness.  I went with a very basic, black twin set and these old Donald J. Pliner shoes.  There may be nothing that bores me more than a twin set, but I think it is ok here.  At least I am not wearing pearls.

ShopStyle has tons of bright pants. 

I got these bad boys at J.Crew, and they appear to still be available.

Now, before you jump all over me about wearing capris, given my prior diatribe against them, I ordered these in Tall, so they are more ankle pant-like.  Deal with it.

2 thoughts on “Subversive Pants

  1. OK, you look cute – but that’s to be expected – I like the pants. But, I think you look amazing in dresses! But, I am a dress girl myself!

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