Anonymous Fabulosity

Who am I?

It’s a good thing none of the Big Partners at Lawyers, Inc., read this blog because I am about to make a shocking confession.  (Not only do they not read it, they don’t know who I am, which was proven again yesterday when one such BP kept asking me questions that made no sense.  Mystery solved: he thought I was another lawyer at Inc., who, by the way, looks nothing like me. )

Back to the confession: sometimes I’m not excited to come into the office.  I need motivation beyond the pure joy of billing time.  Today, I found that motivation in my closet.  The genius of this vintage dress is that, depending on how you style it, it can be worn day or night.  It is semi-sheer, so it is perfect for a steamy day like today.  The right undergarments are a must, so let me take this opportunity to turn you on the world’s greatest half-slip by Commando.  The name alone is reason enough to buy it, but it is also brilliant under sheer or close-fitting clothing.

I have also rocked this dress for a dinner party, with a black full-slip and black patent belt and pumps.  Plus some bling, the antidote to anonymity.

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