Mod Monday

It is super steamy out today, so kindly disregard my hair.  Not surprisingly, I am wearing a vintage dress.  At one point, I knew its era, but now I would have to guess late 50s-early 60s.  I love the dress, not only for its comfort, but also because it looks a lot like dresses my mom used to wear.  And, because it is from JCPenney (yes, it is), it is also a dress that she might have actually bought and worn.  We always got the JCPenney catalogue on the farm growing up.  (That and Sears and Montgomery Wards.  Kind of sad.)  Enough about the dress.  Can I get a hell yeah on the belt?!  This spectacular 70s belt is what makes this Monday a Mod Monday.  Multi-colored and chained-linked, the belt epitomizes the 70s.  Free love, people!

Feeling groovy.

5 thoughts on “Mod Monday

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