Reality Check

We are here to pump you up.

Yesterday’s post has been bothering me, and now I know why. Do you see any resemblance between these two pics?  Compare my belted look from yesterday to Franz’s sweatshirt and weight belt look. Disturbing. Both looks involve significant BUNCHING at the waist, which was really not the look I was going for.  I can’t speak for Franz. There’s no better reality check than a close-up shot of your waistline.  Still love the belt, though (mine, not Franz’s).

Red skirt. No bunching.

Today’s look does not involve bunching, thank goodness.  It is fairly nondescript, but not bad for casual Friday.  A fun red skirt from Nordstrom paired with a seriously old knit top I think I picked up in Fargo, of all places.  The top has a pretty deep v-neck for Lawyer Land, Inc., so I have filled it with chunky necklaces from StyledLife. 

Have a great weekend, people.  If I bust a spectacular look over the weekend, I’ll try to remember to take a pic.

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