The New LBD: the Little Blue Dress

Let’s face it.  No one has described anything worn by me as “little” since, well, never.  But, the idea of the LBD still works for this navy blue Tory Burch dress.  It’s a basic dress that can change a lot depending on the accessories, and it can be worn in any number of situations.  And, if you had to, you could throw it on plain vanilla style and run out the door.  Here, I’ve paired it with a smashing vintage belt (in orange, what a surprise), which I would guess is from the 80s.  I’m wearing it with a jean jacket today since it is cool and rainy, but I took the jacket off in one of the pics so you can get the full effect of the dress. 

The LBD is from several years ago, but Tory Burch currently has lots of great dresses, including a new LBD.

My necklace is from StyledLife.  I can’t remember the designer, but StyledLife has so many great necklaces (including pristine vintage) to pick from.  They also have a pretty cool promotion going on now, so you’ll get a discount.

Shoes by Chie Mihara, again from a number of years ago.  Check out the current selection on ShopStyle.

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