Choke Artist

Coffee, tea, or hard liquor?

Today’s title does not refer to today’s ensemble, which I will get to in a moment. 

First, let’s talk about Friday night.  Given twenty minutes to get ready to go to drinks with friends on a beautiful, hot Friday evening, what would you throw on?  I put on a slim cut, pale green linen dress from JCrew with the white belt that I am wearing today.  Then I took that off and wore Paige jeans and some stupid top from Anthropologie.  I took off the right outfit and put on the WRONG outfit.  Why?  I choked.  Embarrassing.  Especially when I saw my friend JP was wearing the exactly right thing: a casual, maxi dress with a deep, wide v-neck.  Nuts to me.

So, today I attempt to redeem myself in a 40s (?) dress, the white belt (Nordstrom; fake, patent leather), and AGL flats (covering the toes before my pedicure later today).  It’s a good look; at the very least, it isn’t a choke.  The dress reminds me of what a Lufthansa flight attendant might have worn in the golden age of flying.  (One of the more amusing pick-up lines I remember from the 90s: some guy at the Quest told me I looked like a Lufthansa stewardess.  And I wasn’t even wearing this dress.  Worked, too.)  To the left, you can also see my handbag: Pierre Hardy from a couple of years ago, direct from Rpublique Franaise.  (Discerning readers — all four of you — will note a location change from prior pics.  Today our photographer is Partner JJ (husband of JP) and the photo is taken on location in JJ’s office.)

It occurs to me that every look I have rocked since this blog began has revolved around a dress that is at least 40 years old.  It may surprise you to learn that I actually do own clothes from the current decade and some even from this year.  Note to self: bust a 21st Century look this week.

5 thoughts on “Choke Artist

  1. Nice, so glad we aren’t meeting for drinks this evening, you look amazing, and I am wearing the look of “hell”.

  2. So glad to be included on your blog in spite of the fact that my own fashion statement is someplace near Laura Ingalls meets sweatpants. I think this dress rocks. I have a pic of my mom in something like it when I was a baby, which would have been 1966. I’ve seen enough 21st century merde day in and day out. Skinny jeans, boho bags, gladiators, appliquéd tees, blah blah blah. Keep up the good work Ms. Hottie.

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