Summer Means Dresses

Actually, dresses are fantastic year-round.  No other single article of clothing has the potential to deliver that punch that says “outfit.”  The right accessories (belt, necklace, shoes) make a complete look.  Simple.  In the summertime, the dress becomes even more vital.  It is my go-to outfit for work.  (And the breeze blows up under the skirt.  Instant A/C.  A few months ago on a particularly balmy spring day, I saw a pre-op transgender guy sporting a short sundress.  Dude was cool and comfortable.  Just like me, but with better legs.) 

Today, I am rocking a late 50s-early 60s black, shirtwaist (albeit sleeveless) dress with a blocked top and full skirt, paired with a skinny, red leather belt (also vintage) and last year’s raffia platform sandals by Stuart Weitzman. I have prevailed on my partner down the hall (Partner J) to take the attached picture.  Partner J doesn’t really know squat about fashion (actually, the “really” should be eliminated; he knows nothing), but this gives him a chance to feel important, a feeling mostly unknown to junior partners at Lawyer Land, Inc.  Plus, hey, somebody’s got to take the pictures.

As for those spectacular vintage dresses that, in Thursday’s inaugural post,  I said I would be rocking over the weekend, I DID rock them.  The best was Saturday night: a 1970s maxi gown, black on top, waist-down a kaleidoscope of purple, red, orange, green.  Pretty spectacular, but positively killer when paired with a 1980s (!) fushia belt with oversized, geometric silver buckle.  (In fact, one geometric point gouged my waistline all night.  Well worth it.)  A genius mixing of the decades, if I say so myself.  A pic would be awesome, right?  But, drinks and food were front of mind (the only items that compete with clothes for the number 1 position in my brain), and the outfit is now just a lovely memory.  Not to worry; plenty more where that came from.  Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Summer Means Dresses

  1. LOVE dresses/skirts for more selfish reasons: provides better “drape” (aka looks better over my farm girl heiney) thn any pair of pants, particularly (as you are about to note in your next post … Time goes backwards … Creepy, huh?) capris. Of course none of my dresses are this adorable.

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